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5 Animal Species That Are Almost Extinct

Due to people’s negligence, illegal hunting, destruction of forests and so on, many animals are becoming extinct. This list includes animals that will soon be extinct. Arakan Forest Turtle The Arakan forest turtle is one of the rare species in the Arakan hills of Myanmar. Today there is only 10[…]

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Cat Faced Caterpillar

This insect is a defenseless insect because of the presence of high-protein in its body and its soft texture. Due to his vulnerability, this insect has developed its defense mechanism. These forms of defense are like being surrounded by bright colors or another scary insect. The color of these insects[…]

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What would happen if all the insects were gone?

Short answer: We would be approaching quickly towards the end of life on the planet. Long answer: Every living thing on earth has great utility in terms of continuation of the ecosystem. Species make up the ecosystem of our planet in their interaction with earth, air, water and other living[…]

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Rhinoceros Beetles

The Rhinoceros beetle is called “Oryctes Nasicornis” in Latin, the name of the beetle that is called Rhinoceros in our country. This insect species is known to be the world’s strongest insect among the insect species because it has the property of transporting up to 30 times the weight of[…]

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