Fungus Beetles

silver bugFungus beetles, like all insects, are also known for their image and behavior that disturb us at home. The length of the damp bug is 2 to 3 cm with its tail. It can be brown bronze, bright silver color, the back is similar to a small, caterpillar-shaped caterpillars fixed and canvas. The most common color is the bright silver, which is also known as the silver name. It is covered with scales, a wingless and flat bug. They love damp places and live around. Another name for these beetles is the humidity beetle. There are also names like silvery, silversmiths, wall beetles.

Where are the habitats of damp bugs?

These insects, also called saccharina in Latin, are fed by eating sugar spots, old wood pieces, and skin rashes. It is a fearful dream of the documents and archive sections. The house floor base, behind wallpapers, bathroom thresholds, toilet thresholds and relatives of dirty water places, tile and floor gaps, unused installation pipes, boiler rooms are the most favorite places. It is very resistant to hunger and thirst. There are two antennas at the head, they determine their direction with this, and their vision systems are not fully developed because they are always in dark places. Locations with daylight or night light can not find their exact direction. The light-free environment also looks a little better. These insects can travel from place to place, with microbes and bacteria on them and under the house everywhere.

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