GrubHub INSECTS PICTURES With Sounds and Names for Babies & Toddlers – Animal Quiz

Insect pictures for babies & toddlers. Here is an animal quiz of insects with sounds and names for kids, preschool, children, and kindergarten. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos for children →

We are bringing pictures of insects to learn their names and sounds. We have used high-quality 4K photos of animals for this educational video. Kiddopedia team has added the English pronunciation of the animal names and the real animal sounds. This makes this educational video more interesting for babies, kids, kindergarten, preschool, and nursery. Learning animals names correctly is very important for the early development of children. Animal sounds in combination with animal pictures are a perfect educational method for babies and toddlers to learn animal names. This animals video is ideal for toddlers, babies, as well as for kindergarten children to learn the members of the animal kingdom. In the second half of the video, we have included an animal quiz that will help children to practice what they have learned. Simply try to answer the question “what animal is this”” after you have seen the animal picture and hear its sound.

Names of the insects in this video: bee, fly, butterfly, grasshopper, ant, bumblebee, caterpillar, cricket, snail, hornet, ladybug, millipede, cicada, praying mantis, dragonfly, moth, wasp, slug, worm, mosquito, cockroach, damselfly, firefly

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