Insect Bite

Insect bites usually do not give much signs at first. Burning, itching, redness and then show itself with the effects. After the first time you do not feel much pain, maybe you can not stand the effects. Insects usually bite for the purpose of blood sucking. As the number of insect bites increases, the pain will increase. Especially in houses, multiple bites are seen in insects such as wood flies and fleas. Some measures can be taken against insect bites on the outside, and you can apply for some measures to clean the insects at home.

In different regions, insect bites can cause serious diseases such as typhus, malaria, brain inflammation, yellow fever to spread in society. Particularly hot, those who go to the tropics, those living here should be vaccinated in terms of diseases. Measures must be taken to protect against insects. The most obvious risk for insects is redness in the skin. When the insect bitches, it injects a saliva that will cause blood to flow without clotting. This is the most important effect on your skin. Insects in our country are less at risk of spreading such diseases. However, taking precautions should not be neglected.

Insects bite some people more than others. Responses to insect bites in their person, that is, sensitivity levels are different. Generally, younger children and those with more biting by insects are more sensitive. Rarely medical intervention is required for insect bites. However, if the person has a sore throat, tongue, mouth swelling that makes it difficult to breathe, it is necessary to reach the health establishment without losing any time. The most important problem is allergic reactions to insecticides in people. In such reactions, you should go to the health penny immediately or take the ambulance service urgently.

Insect bite treatment

The primary target in the treatment of insect bites is the clearing of the wound. If there are needle-like remnants left on the wound, it must be removed carefully with tweezers or a nail. Then the area where the bite is bitten should be thoroughly cleaned with soapy water or alcohol wipes. If the bite area is swollen, it should be applied cold. Compressed should be made at certain intervals with the ice placed between a cloth. However, you should avoid direct application of bouzard or continuous application. This area causes burns.

Your syringe will take a certain amount of time. It will also do itch. Antihistamine creams may be applied to the region as a precaution. It will be helpful if oral antihistamine drugs are used in multiple insect bites. If itches, try to scratch it. Because the severity of pruritus increases, and therefore itching can cause bacterial infection. In addition, bites caused by fleas cause inflammation of the skin, so medical support must be obtained. The situations that need to go to a doctor are;

  • The bite of the bitten or the bitterness of the bitten, the movement, the sleeping obstacles
  • Gradual deterioration of symptoms at the bite
  • If there is evidence of infection at the site of the fever, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Insect bite diagnosis

It is often difficult to diagnose insect bites. Because the reaction to every bite is quite different. For this reason, an erroneous diagnosis can be made. Among the things that can be done for it is to define the location of the insect, to define the biting insect, to evaluate the other inscriptions and to plan the treatment, all of which is important to be protected from insect bites.

Insect bites at home

Various measures can be taken to protect the bugs in the house from biting. Insects usually bite at night in the dark at home. Above the walls, they are in the pan. So closing night windows will prevent especially mosquitoes from entering. Using mosquito nets in windows will cause most bugs to get in the way of the house. Typical symptoms are flea and woody bite. Especially in the wrists and lower part of the stomach, there are bites, tiny blood stains on the bed sheets, the presence of domestic pets, bites at night, and so on. Insects outside these may show similar symptoms. However, each is treatable.

Insect bite outdoors

You should not choose to wear clothes in vivid colors that attract insects on the outside. Measures such as using insect repellent spray on the skin or using it in the form of candles, avoiding sugary foods, avoiding heavy scents in perfume and deodorant smells, not staying close to stagnant water sources, and avoiding socks in the grass, soil and shrubbery can help you avoid bug bites.

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