Interesting Insects

Interesting Insects There are millions of different kinds of insects living in the world. Some of the beetles are extremely cute while others are extremely scary and frightening. The common feature of these tiny creatures is that they do not have bones. Instead of bone, there are hard shells that cover the outside of the body. The body of the insects consists of head, chest and abdomen. When we think about it, maybe 10-20 pieces of insect are known. Have we ever known others? I’m sure you will hear the name of some insects for the first time. Interesting insects are common in many parts of the world. Let’s take a quick look at the bugs we do not know.

Some Facts About Interesting Insects

  • African Goliath beetle is the world’s largest and heaviest beetle. They indeed scare many people.
  • When the armored insects realize they will be harmed, they emit an incredibly dirty smell.
  • The killer bug attacks its prey very quickly and literally stabs it with its sharp beak. Then it injects the poisoned enzyme into its victim.
  • Botflies need a creature’s body to grow these interesting insect-type larvae. That is why the vitality is held by being placed under the skin of a person.
  • One of the greatest insects in the world is Titan insects. Approximately 7 cm length. With their pliers, even extremely hard objects can be divided into two parts.

Botfly infested human


  • Although the tailed monarch butterfly looks like a normal insect down from its head, its head resembles a tree trunk. So it is among the interesting insects.
  • Atlas butterfly is among the most interesting butterflies with its image. It is quite magnificent with its 25 cm wing. The ends of the wings are similar to the snake.
  • Pipevine fork-tailed caterpillars are among the most interesting insects with a fluorescent blue glow. In the body there are horns. These horns are turquoise.
  • Extatosoma tiarumum, also known as pole insect, this interesting insect is 20 cm in size, the body is filled with thorns. The moment he feels he can see the damage, he stands on his hind legs and opens his fores. The interesting feature of this beetle is a chemical waste that smells like peanut butter on people.
    Its puddle is scratched, its bellied bright yellow body is covered with dull hair, resembling oka. Tassels pass through the middle of your back. It is an interesting bug that resembles a soft sponge when viewed from a distance.
  • Cat-faced caterpillar is a very vulnerable insect. He developed interesting self-defense mechanisms. Interesting comes from here. Another creature has the shape imprinting feature. He can put his face in terrible situations. There are two black spots on the head that resemble the eye. But the real head is hidden under these black spots.

Cat faced caterpillar

Aren’t they so cute?


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