Slugs are living things that can be in many sizes, small and large. These creatures cling to the earth and crawl through their secretions. Their eyes are the lengths of the two antennas on their heads. They are in more humid environments. Even if they are fed with plants, they are confronted when they adhere to plants. Although the little slugs are dealing with small plants like themselves, the big slugs tend to the trees.
Slugs have taken this name because of the mucus-like secretion they secreted. These insects, which are generally hidden under the soil or in the hollows of trees, are also used frequently in medicine today. Especially skin care products have a snail essence. The secretions of slugs carry a substance that is good to the face. Therefore, it can take part in skin care products. It is said that skin care creams made with slimy insects are anti-aging and at the same time smoothen the skin.

As the use of slugs has increased, the trade of these insects has also begun. A lot of people collect snails especially during rainy weather. They sell the slugs they collect on this site for a certain fee. The ethics of this behavior may be controversial, but it is obvious that these slime insects, which form the core of many medicines in the field of medicine, are an integral part of the natural life and the artificial life developed by human beings in natural life.

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