What would happen if all the insects were gone?

Short answer: We would be approaching quickly towards the end of life on the planet.
Long answer: Every living thing on earth has great utility in terms of continuation of the ecosystem. Species make up the ecosystem of our planet in their interaction with earth, air, water and other living groups in the regions they live in. The ecosystem has a very delicate balance. In this system, even a single living bird is destroyed, creating a continuing negative effect.

Because the green vegetation is the vital part of the ecosystem, animal species that use this environment as a living space are also of critical importance. Birds and insects are in this group. However, if a particular species grows too much and too quickly, if there are no obstacles in front of it, it becomes a great danger that threatens this balance again. For example, birds hunt with insects to help keep their numbers below a certain level.

Of course, this does not mean that all of the insects are harmful. Because there is no harmful kind in nature. As far as we know there are over 1 billion insect species. Only 750 of them are harmful to the plants. The rest are the species they need for pollen. In other words, the main task of insects is to protect the continuity of life in the world by providing pollination of plants.

But that’s not all. Some of them have been tasked with decomposing organic materials and mixing them with the soil again. In other words, nature can be said to work like volunteer cleaning workers. For example, cockroaches, which many of us said would have been “if it were not for them,” are playing a key role in the continuity of the ecosystem. This species, which is interested in decaying organic matter, is of great importance especially for the decomposition of nitrogen and the return to soil. The plants are using this nitrogen that returns to the soil.

If there were no insects for this reason; we lost a significant portion of the vegetation cover, most of the bird species, reptiles and amphibians in a very short time. Of course, every species that was destroyed would have caused many species to lose in a very short time. This situation did not last very long, as we can predict that it will reach people. After all; Without insects, we would be moving quickly towards the end of life on the planet.

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